Here is our fun and loving boy "Ziggy" of DHAB. Currently 3 years old, he is out of Mighty Samson "Sam" of DDPAB and "Mika" of DHAB. He is a very athletic, thick, bully and driven American Bulldog. While he weights 110lbs, he is very gentile and loving with laboratory report example our young daughter. He excels in athleticism, movement and can leap over 6 feet. "Ziggy" is part of our foundation
stock and we hope to build on this magnificent American Bulldog. He is sure to produce nice, thick, highly driven, athletic and gentile offspring. You can find Ziggy blazing the trails looking for pray, or just basking in the sun in our property.

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This is our big boy "Tank" of DHAB. Currently 3 years old, he is litter mate with our other boy "Ziggy." He is also out of Mighty Samson "Sam" of DDPAB and "Mika" of DHAB. Although not as athletic as his brother "Ziggy," this big boy has a very large frame and big thick head that wows the crowds when he's on the road with us. "Tank" weights 115lbs of pure drive, but he's also a very gentile American Bulldog. He is also part of our foundation stock like his brother "Ziggy." Our boy "Tank" is sure to produce crowd wowing, thick and massive American Bulldogs. You can find "Tank" hiking in the trails, basking in the sun or just hangingbegin begun out with the pack.

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This is our big boy All-American "Hilo." He's out of our boy Ziggy and our sweet girl Sookie and first generation born in the farm.  We expect this boy to be a producer as he carries some of the best pedigree in the Bulldog world. All-American Bulldog Hilo comes from a line of champions and some of the biggest bloodlines .

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