How to Write an Essay in MLA Format

How to Write an Essay in MLA Format

The American Language Association (MLA) , has a set standard in which the research essays should be formatted especially in an academic setting. There are various items that the MLA format points out such as the general formatting of a paper document, placing of headers, in-text citation, title block, page numbers and works cited page. With a help of essaykitchen we prepared general guidance to solve you writing problem in MLA Format.

General Formatting of an MLA Paper Document

Research essays should be well written and formatted according to the selected standard.   Once the researcher opens a word document, it should be aligned in Times New Roman style and font twelve of writing. The document should be double-spaced.  Also, the document should have one-inch margins all around. All the paragraphs should be indented. There should be no spaces left in between paragraphs.  No extra spaces should be left between the titles or between the items in the works cited page.

Title Block

Unlike the America Psychological Association standard, (APA), the MLA has no set title page. The first page acts contain information found in the title page. The researcher should type his name, the name of the course instructor, the course number, and date on the left side of the first page. The title block should bear the same spacing and fonts as the rest of the essay paper. There should be no extra spacing in-between the documents in the title block.

Placing of Headers

In order to correctly place headers, insert the page numbers on the top right side of the page.  The researcher should type their surname before the page number. Ensure the header is in font twelve in Times New Roman writing.  By clicking any part of the paper you can exit the header.

In-text Citations

Citations are a vital part of any academic research essay. In-text citations happen when one wants to directly quote a source of information. Also, it happens when one wants to paraphrase the quoted information source.  Direct in-text quotation happens through placing the quoted text in block format. However, the paraphrase citation is most common to many researchers. Here, one places the paraphrased information within open and closed quotation marks. Afterward, the Author of the information source surname and the page number where the information paraphrased is found are enclosed within brackets.

Works Cited Page

A list of all cited sources in an essay completes a research paper.  The MLA works cited page requires sufficient time to bring together all resources cited and format them according to the set standard.  The researcher should ensure that in each cited source, he has the name of the author, the title of the source, publication date, the name of the publisher and the place of publication. Place all the sources in an alphabetical order, placing the author's surname first.  Use the hanging indention format for each citation.  Ensure there is double spacing between the paragraphs.  Also, the researcher should ensure he noted down the pagination of the source used. Each item on the work cited page remains incomplete without the page numbers outlining the extent of the source.

In conclusion, the researcher should double check each of the items above after finishing his research work. It is vital that each part appears as the standard places it.

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